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The Stop Taser Torture blog is the official blog that coordinates the annual December 4th event called, Stop Taser Torture, blogging for Justice.

Many police departments are using tasers to torture even nonviolent people who are often those who are incoherent, hallucinating, wheelchair bound, suicidal, unarmed, deaf, handcuffed, blind, pregnant, students, or just didnt move fast enough for an officers liking. Taser torture in America is continuously growing not only in volume, but in the level of how liberally, unwarrantedly, and excessively tasering is being used across the U.S and many other countries. In America, some police departments are even now torturing 10 year old children.

Join Stop Taser Torture on 12.4.09
Join Stop Taser Torture on 12.4.09

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Americans Speak Out Against Taser Torture - Calling all Bloggers worldwide

American are speaking out against Taser Torture. Here is are just a few examples of what people are saying:

F. K. | Oneonta, NY   "The use of tasers on children, the elderly & the handicapped where no threat of bodily harm is present to the office is egregious force. It's completely unacceptable by those we place the powers to uphold civility & protection in. This torture must stop."   More HERE

Catherine R. | Aptos, CA A taser should be considered a potentially lethal weapon and treated as such. My good friend (age 32) was killed in front of his pregnant wife and two year old daughter by a taser. He was unarmed and posed no threat to the officer who tased him. More HERE

Name not displayed | Albany, GATasers are like the modern day whip.i cant beleive that the U.S. allows cops to walk around with these things More HERE

Name not displayed | Woodway, TXT here is no more Cruel & Unusual punishment than electrocution torture via current carrying conductors that use sharp flesh-hooking probes darted into your body a half inch or more (wherever they may happen to randomly hit on your body & puncture into your flesh?!)-
With 50,000 volts applied from this electronic torture device (E.T.D.), which has a current wave that is specifically designed & engineered with this SOLE (1) purpose: To torture the Human electrical system for time frames that FAR exceed the CURRENTLY DECLARED UNCONSTITUTIONAL TORTURE which is proven to occur before death row electric chair sentencing of violent criminals (who were given Due Process). More HERE

marline h. | Palmdale, CANot all law enforcement officers handle their power responsibly, and in recent years, the incidence of inappropriate tasing has become far too common. Something must be done to stop this abuse of power, and the pain and danger inflicted on (often innocent) our citizens.More Here

As blogger The Duck Shoot.com said better than I can, Calling all Americans:

Close your eyes to this and you or one of your loved ones may be the next victim. Even if they do not die they will experience what can only be described as torture. The pain of 50,000 volts is excruciating. So open your eyes and your mind and take action. Petition Congress Now – go here.

Calling all Bloggers worldwide

As far as I can see the United States has the worst abuses of the Taser but Americans are not alone. Amongst others Canada and the United Kingdom are experiencing Taser abuse as well.

According to the Times Online: “More than 13,400 law enforcement, correctional and military agencies in 44 countries now use Taser guns, according to Taser International’s website. They are available to more than 375,000 police officers. In addition, more than 180,000 Tasers have been sold to private citizens.”
If you own a blog join us for a day of action in protest at Taser abuse. Here’s what you can do:
  • Register your interest at the link below. (there’s a selfish reason to do this see below)
  • Write at least one article for posting on December 4.
  • Post the link below publicising the event. Do that now.
  • Publicise your blog link via Twitter and other social media sites.
  • Spread the word via forums and other blogs.
Please join us on December 4, 2009 for the Day of Blogging for Justice!

Some things to help you:

The code to cut and paste the above invitation and link into your blog or web site:
Please join us on December 4, 2009 for the Day of Blogging for Justice!

Researching Taser abuse: On the page where you register to support the event there is a list of blogs who are participating and links to other blogs where you can research Taser abuse.

The selfish reason:
If the shocking toll of Taser torture and death isn’t enough to prompt you to join here’s a selfish reason. Back-links help your blog and web site to rank in search engines. Ranking better in search engines gets you traffic.

H/T to fellow blogger: The Duck Shoot.com

Again, please join us on December 4th. “Stop Taser Torture, blogging for Justice.” as we raise awareness and trigger a global discussion.

Support the event. Place a widget or button on your blog.

Contact us at: StopTaserTorture@gmail.com to register your blog.

Don’t forget to support the petition to the United States Congress calling for public hearings on the systemic human rights violations occurring with Federal funding for the use of Tasers® against American citizens. The United Nation’s Committee against Torture has declared that Taser use can constitute a form of torture, while USA: Amnesty International has an on-going concern about the use of tasers on American citizens. More HERE

Should governments limit the use of Taser guns or suspend their use? Let you opinion be known at the Dailykos.


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